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Ethics / consequential, rule-based, character / code of ethics Ethical Theories Consequential Theory - a ethical theory that emphasizes the consequences or results of behavior Rule-Based Theory - a ethical theory that emphasizes the character of the act itself rather than its effects Character Theory - a ethics theory that emphasizes the character, personal virtues, and integrity of the individual Code of Ethics A profession’s code of ethics becomes a standard against which members can measure themselves in the absence of internalized standards Ethics vs. Values The Four Way Test OF WHAT WE THINK, SAY, OR DO
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all connected? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and better friendships? 4. Will it be BENEFICAL to all connected? Developed by Paul Harris and four business colleges made an effort to address ethical and moral behavior right. Focuses on the questioner on key ethical and moral Questions Variables that influence behavior / Behavior Model Personal characteristics vs. personality type Personality Characteristics- personal attributes Ex: power seeking, quiet, analytical, seeks rules Personality Type- total personal characteristics...
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