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opensystemviews - -advancing and implementing technological...

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External Environment Chart on Second Power Point Competitors, Unions, Regulatory Agencies, Clients, global economy Manager roles -Organizational Liaison -Figurehead -Leader -Spokesperson (public relations) -Politician (formal and informal) --- -supervisor -instructor -resource allocator/decision maker -information disseminator -negociator -policymaker Challenges of managers -technological Innovation -Workforce Diversity -Globalization -Ethics Remaingin Competitive: Four Major Challenges for Managers -encouraging positive ethics, character, and personal integrity -leading a diverse workforce
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Unformatted text preview: -advancing and implementing technological innovation-globalizing the firms operations Diversity and sexual harassment Diversity All forms of individual including culture, gender, age, ability, personality, religious affiliation, economic class, social status, military attachment, and sexual orientation Sexual Harassment Gender harassment Crude comments: behaviors that convey hostility toward a particular gender Unwanted Sexual Attention Unwanted touching, unwanted pressure for dates Sexual Coercion Demands for sexual favors or promises...
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