Organizational change

Organizational change - Chapter1Organizationalchange...

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Chapter 1 – Organizational change Competition One organization trying to out sale the other Employees competing Why is competition important to managers of organizations, businesses, and  non-profits? Means of incentive, salary, reward system With means of organizational behavior—business will not survive Organizational behavior important to the compete You need your employees to perform to the best of their ability Goal: in order to strive to compete and do the best that  Innovation-  Being the first to come up with a new product, and can mean improving a  product--- new product in or service, normally created between two or more  people, or improving in or in service taking a new form See not only in technology but across the board in new places Innovation gives you the edge in competition Strategy Consumer Brand  Profit All the five ties into innovation, all ties into you employees
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Organizational change - Chapter1Organizationalchange...

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