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Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation - the organization 1 Goal setting 2...

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Performance Evaluation Comment section Self-Assessment Continuously self-monitor Goals- desired end a person must achieve 1)personal goals based on self-identified needs 2)Task goals based on actual work to be accomplished by employee  Characteristics of Effective Goal Peter something started it Goal Level and Task Performance Goals when set should be achievable but not too easy where the employee can  accomplish it very quickly But set to achieve them Goal Setting Functions 1. Increase work motivation 2)Increase task performance 3)Reduce ambiguity 4) Increase… Goal Setting Method- MBO Management by objectives Agreement by employment and supervisor about specific tasks the entails into 
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Unformatted text preview: the organization 1. Goal setting 2. Speci time frame needs to be there RMO Results oriented Management Priorities and resources and goals are set by the corporation, then the management sets the goals for the employees Difference bw RMO and MBO Manager sets the goals in RMO unlike MBO Performance Management Process Goal to improve the performance How is performance measured? Causes of Poor Performance ** know all** Correcting Poor Performance Identify the behavior Root cause Attribution theory Know the three pieces of the informational cues Consenus...
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Performance Evaluation - the organization 1 Goal setting 2...

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