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qualitycircles - The brain Cognitive Styles Brain two...

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Quality Circles Small group employees who work voluntarily on company time, one hour a week, to address problems Decision Making Ability to understand a problem and determine appropriate system Programmed decision- routine model, predetermined decisions, work well in hurry? Ex: procedure for handling customer complaint Non-Programmed- non routine complex approach unique solution Ex: heath care 3 Models of Decision Making 1. Rational Model: step by step approach with thought analysis. Rational outcome. Decision maker: aware and all alternatives. Calculate probability and success (bounded rationally- limits to have rational you can be 2. Garbage Can Model- theory says decisions can be random and unsystematic. Mix of problems. a. Mix=number of decisions, number of people, resources 3. incremental DM model- step by step associated with red tape Z-Problem Solving Model
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Unformatted text preview: The brain/ Cognitive Styles Brain- two hemispheres Left – Verbal—sequential, temporal, digital, logical, analytical, western thought Right—nonverbal/spatial, gestalt, latitude. Eastern thought Groupthink-Deteriation and mental efficiency, reality testing, moral judgment-When as a group you stop feeding off each other and start going off by yourself Nominal Group Technique/ Delphi Technique Nominal Group Technique- Structural approach to group decision making focused one generating alternatives and choosing one as a group Delphi Technique-Gathering judgments of experts for use in decision making Focus group-a demographically diverse group of people assembled to participate in a guided discussion about a particular product before it is launched. Expert Systems Artificial intelligence used to make decisions Program on computer...
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qualitycircles - The brain Cognitive Styles Brain two...

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