V366 Chapter 3 Q&A

V366 Chapter 3 Q&A - Instructor Davis February 1,...

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Instructor Davis February 1, 2010 Chapter 3 Questions Personality, Perception, and Attribution 1) What are the influencing individual behavior variables that managers should be aware of for the person and the environment? a. The persons skills and abilities, personality, perception, attribution, attitudes, values and ethics. The environmental variables that influencing individual behavior are the organization, work group, job, and personal life. 2) What is the definition of personality and what is one determinate of personality, give an example? a. Personality a relatively stable set of characteristics that influence an individual’s behavior. One determinate is heredity, the example in the book talked about identical twins who were separated at birth and raised apart in very different situations, have still been found to share similar personality traits and job preferences. 3) 2What are the “Big Five Personality Traits” and give a brief description for each? a.i.1.
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V366 Chapter 3 Q&A - Instructor Davis February 1,...

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