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v366 midterm-3 - Locus of control – familiar with...

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50 or 55 questions. Even amount of questions from each chapter. Make sure to focus on all models from slides. Start studying power points then fill in gaps on study guide from book. Attribution theory really know. Attribution model – be familiar whats inside the box. Know links between persuasion and communication. Some questions are common sense, if answer seems obvious don’t over think. Really know 8 personality type traits. Several different questions on different aspects of personality type traits. Know theories and be able to give examples. Don’t focus on elaboration likelihood model. Formal vs. informal organization – really know. Also behavior associated with that. Know abc model. Start from bottom up. Understand the components of all boxes. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Need has to be met to move up. Tie in with theory x and y.
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Unformatted text preview: Locus of control – familiar with definition and second diagram that we studied. Also glance over the first diagram. Know scenarios similar to class and case studies. Anything done for homework could also be on exam. Tuffman’s 5 stage model. Why it may not follow linear order and progression. Chapter 9 know proximics. Chapter 4 models of motivation, only focus on 3 from study guide. Glance over the others. Chapter 6 – example using motivation theory. Hygiene needs are being met. Given a scenario on performance motivation strategies. Performance management process. Slides on breakdown of book. Management assessment, individual employee, desired outcome. Quality circles- definition of. Also study all slides from chapter 9 and process. Who created it, when it took shape and form, 4 step process...
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