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Instructions for Creating and Publishing your Personal Home Page at IU Creating your Personal Home Page (home.html) A PHP is a document or file. It’s name must be home.html . This document contains text (the content to be displayed) and codes that tell the web browser client (IE or Firefox) how to display the text. Most of us will prefer to create and test home.html on a PC, then transfer the document to your Mercury account where it will be published to the World-Wide-Web. You will use a text editor like NotePad. The document home.html you create will contain text, and codes called TAGS that dictate how the text is to be displayed and formatted. The TAGS you will be using are called HTML tags, and the resulting document is called an HTML-document. Most all web pages are HTML documents. Using a text editor like NotePad: It is necessary to explicitly type in the text as well as the HTML tags. This means you have to know a few tags and what they do. I learned the very basic HTML tags by reading an online tutorial for HTML beginners at: http://archive.ncsa.uiuc.edu/General/Internet/WWW/HTMLPrimerPrintable.html HTML tags work in pairs: an opening tag and a closing tag. All HTML documents have two sections: HEAD and BODY. The HEAD contains information about how the entire webpage is to look, like title, background, color, and font style. The HEAD also contains the TITLE of the document, which is displayed in the title-bar area of the browser. The BODY contains the text that is to be displayed in the browser window, also with the tags which describe how the text is to be displayed. Use the text editor (Notepad) to type in the text and the tags into a document.
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