Web Policy - quality and effective web presence Internal...

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Web Policy, Procedures and Personnel (Dept of Commerce Website,  Performance Metrics handout, Web developer Job description),  5  Questions covering: Purpose and role of web policy (internal/external rules, ethical mandates,   compliance) Web policies To embed organization “rules” into the agencies online presence To ensure compliance with legal mandates To ensure compliance with ethical mandates To ensure that content reflects the agencies “official” position or formal policies To ensure quality of the user experience Web Procedures A method to define or clarify a requirement or a process with the intent to improve  the quality of an organizational outcome or product. The Human Resources necessary to fulfill the organizations web goals Ethical Mandates Skills required of your staff (or contract partners) in order to have and maintain a 
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Unformatted text preview: quality and effective web presence Internal rules of the agency Legal complement that are incorporated into the policy Ethical mandates behavior Purpose and role of Performance Measurement (planning, decision support, quality improvements) Performance measurement is a valuable and common “procedure” for public agencies Tools are developed that integrate website evaluation and assessment into an agencies management procedures Collecting and analyzing a bunch of data, Improve decision making, planning and all other services web metrics and other evaluation techniques are not considered an end unto themselves, but rather these support the “bigger picture” of agency mission, decision making, planning, and user services. Qualifications, and ways to determine qualifications of web developer candidates...
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Web Policy - quality and effective web presence Internal...

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