Chapter 15 - 23:37 Chapter15

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23:37 Chapter 15 Recoignize that handling disagreement and confliscts in the workplace is a component  of ssupervison Identify and contrast five styles that are inherent in conflict-resolution approaches Distinguish between supervisory handling of employee complaints in any work setting  and grivance in a unionized situation Explain the major distincts betwe Disagreement and conflicts are poart of thw owrkplace Substantive conflict Conflict between infividuals because of what should be done or what should occur Personalized conflict Conflict between individuals that occurs because the tow parties do not like one another Workplace conflict must be resolved Supervisors become irritated and confused when employee complaints or gricances  challenge their authority Supervisors must act like referees to resolve employee conflicts and guard against  losing their tempers Supervisors should recognize that handling conflicts and resolving employee complaints 
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Chapter 15 - 23:37 Chapter15

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