Demands of being a Supervisor

Demands of being a Supervisor - 23:39...

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Demands of being a Supervisor SHRM The society of Human Resource Management is a professional organization for HR  professionals Supervisors First-level managers in chare of entry-level and other department employees Any member of the organization who makes decisions that materially affect the capacity  of the organization to perform and obtain results – Peter F. Drucker, father of modern  management Working Supervisors First-level individuals who perform supervisory functions but who may not legally or  officially be part of the management Foreman/forewoman, group leader, coach, lead person, facilitator School of Management Thought No universal theory of management But common theory attempts to answer “What is the best way to manage the task at  hand”  4 School of Management Thoughts 1) the scientific approach 2) the functional approach 3) the human relations/behavioral approach 4) the quantitative/systems approach -Scientific Management Approach focused on determining the most efficient ways to increase output and productivity. Frederick Winslow Taylor, father
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Demands of being a Supervisor - 23:39...

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