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Principles of Motivation

Principles of Motivation - 1. 2. 3. setexpectations 4....

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Principles of Motivation 1. Discuss the reasons people behave the ways they do 2. compare various motivational theories and explain their importance for  understanding employee behavior 3. Cope with difficult people set expectations 4. explain ABCs of shaping behavior 5. Compare the assumptions and applications of Theory X and Theory Y in  supervision Determinants of Human Behavior The forces that stimulate human behavior come from within individuals and from  their environments Examples of “baggage” Aging Family relationship Work Environment Personal Relationships Determinates of Personality Personality The knowledge, attitude and attitudes that make up the unique human being Every Employee has a “tude” Positive mental attitude (PMA) A person with a PMA usually responds favorably to the job, other people, and  most situations Personality Physiological (Biological) Factors Early childhood Influences
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