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SPEAV241Case Study 2-7,

SPEAV241Case Study 2-7, - 1 Explain how the principles of...

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1) Explain how the principles of the "hot stove rule" discussed in Chapter 6 were applied improperly by Georgia Mason in this case? The “hot stove rule” is the guideline for applying discipline analogous to touching a hot stove; advance warning and consequences that are immediate, consistent, and applied with impersonality. Although it was not stated in the story, it seemed assumed that Georgia Mason did warn Paula Whisler and the rest of the staff that tardiness is not an option (unless with valid excuses, and not repeatedly being late). But where she started to not follow the “hot stove rule” is when Mason let Whisler be late and did not immediately take the issue into consideration. Georgia Mason did make comments that Whisler could not be late again. But Mason did not handle the issue because Whisler kept showing up late. Since Mason did not react immediately to the situation, the action was not as much associated with the punishment. Mason was not consistent with her behavior towards all the people, another guideline that was not followed.
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