BIO 3465 - Lab 4 - Herbicidal action of 2,4-D

BIO 3465 - Lab 4 - Herbicidal action of 2,4-D - BIO 3465...

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BIO 3465 – Plant Physiology Laboratory 4 Herbicidal action of synthetic auxin, 2,4-D Goal: There are several plant hormones that control plant growth and development. Often in plant physiology research, we measure of plant growth characteristics to study the effect of these hormones on plant growth and development. Auxinic herbicides are known to selectively affect broad leaf weeds. Today’s lab will allow you test the effects of 2,4-D, one of the commonly used auxinic herbicides, on growth of monocots and dicots plants. INTRODUCTION : Plant growth and development is regulated by both endogenous and environmental factors. Several plant hormones function as key endogenous regulators of plant development. Functions of these hormones are subjected to environmental regulation resulting that both hormones and environmental factors shape the final plant form. Auxin is one of the major plant hormone. There are several natural chemicals that function as auxins though Indoleacetic acid (IAA) is the most abundant auxin. Auxin controls basic cellular processes such as cell division, cell elongation and cell differentiation. These growth processes are primarily regulated by auxin-induced changes of gene expression (though there may be other mechanisms though which auxin controls plant growth). While plant cells contain suboptimal levels of auxins, exposure of plant cells to high levels of exogenous auxin can lead to inhibition of growth responses. Nevertheless different plant tissues respond to differently to the same concentration of auxin (figure 1). Plant produces auxin mainly in young leaves and shoot apex and transport downward to the root. Thus, naturally shoot contains
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BIO 3465 - Lab 4 - Herbicidal action of 2,4-D - BIO 3465...

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