Bio 3465 - Lab 6 - Plant responses to light

Bio 3465 - Lab 6 - Plant responses to light - BIO 3465...

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BIO 3465 – Plant Physiology Laboratory 6 PLANT RESPONSES TO LIGHT. Goal : Apart from photosynthesis, light also involves in regulating plant growth and development. Plant senses light through a series of photoreceptors. Each photoreceptor absorbs light at a particular wavelength. In today’s lab you have the opportunity to test the effect of red and far-red light on seed germination that is regulated by phytochrome. Additionally, you will learn how to assemble red and far-red light sources with available resources. INTRODUCTION Plants need light for mainly photosynthesis. However, photosynthesis is not the not the only biological function that is regulated by light. Plant growth and development is also regulated by light. Sun light is a combination of many different wavelengths ranging from 400 nm to 710 nm. Plants contain special pigments that can absorb light at different wavelengths and use light energy to control their growth and development. Control of growth and development through light is known as “ Photomorphogenesis ”. Photomorphogentic events are mediated by pigment molecules that are capable of absorbing light energy and converting that energy into biochemical reactions. These pigment molecules are made up proteins and non-protein components. Protein component ( apoprotein ) may be covalently bound to a non-protein molecule (chromophore) that is capable of absorbing light. As these protein+chromophore complexes ( holoprotein ) are capable of converting light signals to biochemical messages, these protein complexes are considered as photoreceptors. There are several types of photoreceptors in
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Bio 3465 - Lab 6 - Plant responses to light - BIO 3465...

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