Lecture+3-Gene+expression+_+Signal+transduction - 9/7/2011...

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9/7/2011 1 Genetic control Hormonal Environmental - Genome: Total amount of DNA found in a cell or organelle is known as a genome - Genome sizes may vary depending on the organism Bacteria - 4.7 x 10 6 bp Drosophila 2.0 x 10 8 bp Human - 3.0 x 10 9 bp Arabidopsis 1.3 x 10 8 bp - Estimated number of genes necessary for eukaryotic organism 12,000 - Yeast 6,000; Drosophila 14,000 Arabidopsis 26,000 - Gene expression : process by which coded information in a gene is converted to a functional product - Some genes are turned on all the times (constitutively expressed e.g.: Housekeeping genes) - Some genes are turned on when necessary -developmentally regulated -turned on in response to a specific condition Gene Expression
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9/7/2011 2 Gene = A section of DNA that encodes information for a complete polypeptide (protein). A Gene consists of; Promoter 5’ UnTranslated Region (5’ UTR) Exons Introns 3’ UTR ATG Stop TAA TGA TAG 14.4 Gene expression in eukaryotes (7-methyguanylate) Gene expression can
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Lecture+3-Gene+expression+_+Signal+transduction - 9/7/2011...

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