Lecture+10+-+flower+development - Inflorescence meristems...

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10/2/2011 1 Inflorescence meristems of plants Snapdragon ( Antirrhinum ) Arabidopsis 25.2 Longitudinal sections through Arabidopsis vegetative and reproductive shoot apical regions Floral evocation: Changes that occur in the shoot apical meristem to produce flowers Floral evocation Endogenous factors - phase change - circadian rhythms - hormones Exogenous factors - day length (photoperiodism) - temperature (vernalization)
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2 Shoot apical meristem Developmental Environmental Signals Signals genes Inflorescence meristem Flower meristem Bracts Flowers Flower development 25.12 A simplified model for floral evocation at the shoot apex Vegetative meristem has to pass through different stages before become a floral meristem Competent : meristem is responsive to exo/endogenous factors (meritem can be induced by exo/endogenous factors) Determined: meristem can produce flowers by itself if provided with nutrients 25.17 Maryland Mammoth mutant of tobacco compared to wild-type tobacco
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Lecture+10+-+flower+development - Inflorescence meristems...

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