Lecture+12+-+Light+reaction+2 - Photosynthesis A...

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10/12/2011 1 Photosynthesis A combination of two major processes Two processes are spatially separated Light reactions mainly associated with thylakoid membranes ( most of the components associated with electron transport are localized to the thylakoid membranes ) Dark reactions occur in stroma (enzymes necessary for this step are localized to the stroma) - Two major energy products of light reactions - reducing agent, NADPH - ATP - NADPH is produced as the end product series of oxidation reduction (redox) reactions. - ATP is synthesized using the proton motive force generated by electron transport chain. Donor Acceptor Donor Acceptor Donor Acceptor NADPH NADP + 2H 2 O 4H + O 2 4e - ADP + Pi ATP PS II PS I Thylakoid reactions
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10/12/2011 2 NADP + NADPH 2 e - H + Photosynthetic electron Transport chain Stroma Conversion of NADP + to NADPH 7.21 Detailed Z scheme for O 2 -evolving photosynthetic organisms - Two photosystems connect to each other in series to generate an electron transport chain. - Most of the components involved in the chain are located in the
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Lecture+12+-+Light+reaction+2 - Photosynthesis A...

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