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CHEM 2341 Chapter 3 Objectives 1. Classify different reactions as substitutions, elimination, additions, or rearrangements. 2. Distinguish between homolysis and heterolysis. 3. Identify Brønsted acids and bases. 4. Identify Lewis acids and bases. 5. Identify electrophiles and nucleophiles. 6. Use arrows to correctly describe electron flow in a reaction. 7. Understand the relationship between acid strength and pKa.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Correctly predict the products of a proton transfer reaction. 9. Understand the factors affecting acidity of a molecule and predict which molecule of a series is the strongest acid. 10. Understand the relationship between the equilibrium constant and free-energy change for a reaction. 11. Predict the effect of solvent on acidity....
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