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Ch4 - Identify axial and equatorial positions(PRACTICE 10...

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CHEM 2341 Chapter 4 Objectives 1. Name the first 10 alkanes and cycloalkanes and draw their structures. (Make flashcards and memorize) 2. Identify constitutional isomers. 3. Name and classify alkyl substituents. 4. Use correct IUPAC nomenclature and understand the structure of alkanes. 5. Name alkyl halides and alcohols. 6. Name simple alkenes, cycloalkenes, and alkynes. 7. Rank alkanes according to their physical properties. 8. Draw Newman projections of eclipsed, gauche, and anti conformations for simple alkanes. Be able to identify the most stable conformation. 9. Draw both chair conformations of cyclohexane.
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Unformatted text preview: Identify axial and equatorial positions. (PRACTICE) 10. Draw and identify the most stable conformation of monosubstituted cyclohexanes. 11. Distinguish between cis and trans isomers of disubstituted cyclohexanes. 12. Be able to identify the most stable conformer of a defined disubstituted cyclohexane. 13. Identify stereoisomers. 14. Predict the products of alkene and alkyne hydrogenation. 15. Calculate the index of hydrogen deficiency for a molecule. This chapter will be a LOT easier for you if you use a model kit....
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