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Undergraduate majors that feed naturally into the PhD program in BRAIN AND COGNITIVE SCIENCES AT MIT Majors in Biology and Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Genetics Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience How does the brain develop from a few unconnected cells into the vast network of neurons and synapses that compose the brain? How does the brain store information within its molecules and cells? What makes the young brain so much more malleable than the aged brain? What is the cause of mental retardation in the young and dementia in the old? These are intriguing questions that exemplify the fascination and challenge of neuroscience. Many of these problems are being tackled by the methods of molecular cellular neuroscience, the discipline that studies the genes, proteins and cells that underlie the structure and function of the brain. If you are interested in dissecting how the brain works, or if your undergraduate education was in molecular biology and you wish to apply what you learned to the big biological questions of our time, you should seriously consider pursuing a PhD in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS) at MIT. Within a specific track focused on in molecular cellular neuroscience, BCS offers an outstanding program of training and research. Molecular cellular neuroscience uses the tools of genetics, biochemistry, electrophysiology and microscopy to investigate the basic mechanisms that govern the development and function of the nervous system. In the future, there will be a critical need for scientists trained in these diverse disciplines to work together on the study of the brain (the “last frontier of science”). The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries will need molecular/cellular neuroscientists, because diseases of the nervous system represent one of the most serious afflictions of an aging human society. A major mission of our department is to offer specialist courses and outstanding research opportunities that provide intellectual and practical training in molecular and cellular neuroscience. Our faculty are renowned researchers at the cutting-edge of their fields, but are also dedicated teachers and mentors to their graduate students. The department boasts a large number of laboratories performing molecular and cellular research on varied aspects of the nervous
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system. Subjects include genetic studies of the development of the fruitfly eye, biochemical analysis of the proteins that make up the synapse, characterization of genes that are switched on in the brain by environmental stimuli, and the molecular basis of learning and memory in the brain, to name only a few examples. A unique strength of the Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT is
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Undergrad+Majors+for+BCS+@+MIT - Undergraduate majors that...

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