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My study strategies for BIO 5300 I attend every lecture and concentrate on listening and understanding instead of taking many notes. I keep my eyes open for anything that we cover in lecture that isn’t on the PowerPoint slides. Any time Dr. Garcia hints that something is important for the exam, I draw a big star in my lecture notes and write down the topic and the text reference. I do the same if she hints that a certain topic will not be covered in detail on the exam. I read each chapter in the text and really study all the figures until I understand them. When I can draw the figure on my own, label it, and explain the concept aloud to myself or a friend, then I feel like I’ve got it down. Before the exam, I make sure to block off several 4 hour blocks of time to study neuro. I really focus on the materials from lecture and anything I starred in my lecture notes. I also use the review questions from each chapter to check if I can process the information at a deeper level. I study the old exam to get an idea of the kinds of questions that will be
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