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Possible Exam Questions 1. A patient reports loss of vision in the right visual field. Which of the following is most likely to be the cause? A. A lesion of the nasal retina of the left eye B. A lesion of the left optic tract C. Right homonymous hemianopsia D. Left homonymous hemianopsia E. Both B and C 2. Which of the following cutaneous mechanoreceptors can be classified as ‘slowly adapting’? A. Merkel cell afferents B. Meissner afferents C. Pacinian afferents D. Ruffini afferents E. Both A and D 3. When focusing on an object that is close to the viewer, what is the shape of the lens, and what causes this shape? A. Flat; cornea contraction B. Spherical; ciliary muscle contraction C. Spherical; ciliary muscle relaxation D. Flat; ciliary muscle contraction 4. A hiker standing atop Mt. Antero in Salida, Colorado admires the wondrous landscape below her horizontal line of sight. However, the sky and clouds above the horizontal line of sight appear blurry and unclear. Which of the following is most likely the reason for
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Student+submitted+Exam+Questions - Possible Exam Questions...

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