1410-002+FA11+exam+1b+key - Name (last, rst)_ Exam 1 - Fall...

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Name (last, frst)_____________________________ Exam 1 - Fall 2011 PHY 01410, Section 002, Form: 02 (Double check to ensure your bubble sheet is flled out COMPLETELY and that your name is also on your exam ±orm and all papers. Your grade will be reduced by 2% the grader fnds you are missing any mandatory in±ormation.) Only items visible to you should be a scientifc calculator, pens/pencils, and testing materials. Turn in ALL testing material when done __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Consider the point just a±ter a soccer ball is kicked (with an initial velocity at a given angle above horizontal) and the point just be±ore it lands back on the horizontal feld. we assume the ball began and ended its motion at the same height above ground, what answers are true? A) initial speed = fnal speed B) speed at apex = 0 C) acceleration at apex = 0 D) B and C E) All the above are correct 2) Driving around a tra±fc circle with your ±oot steady on the gas pedal, you look down and notice your speedometer says 20 mph and apparently it only took you 60 seconds
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This note was uploaded on 11/09/2011 for the course PHYS 1410 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '08 term at Texas State.

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1410-002+FA11+exam+1b+key - Name (last, rst)_ Exam 1 - Fall...

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