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1410-002+FA11+exam+1b+key - Name(last rst Exam 1 Fall 2011...

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Name (last, first)_____________________________ Exam 1 - Fall 2011 PHY 01410, Section 002, Form: 02 (Double check to ensure your bubble sheet is filled out COMPLETELY and that your name is also on your exam form and all papers. Your grade will be reduced by 2% if the grader finds you are missing any mandatory information.) Only items visible to you should be a scientific calculator, pens/pencils, and testing materials. Turn in ALL testing material when done __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Consider the point just after a soccer ball is kicked (with an initial velocity at a given angle above horizontal) and the point just before it lands back on the horizontal field. If we assume the ball began and ended its motion at the same height above ground, what answers are true? A) initial speed = final speed B) speed at apex = 0 C) acceleration at apex = 0 D) B and C E) All of the above are correct 2) Driving around a traffic circle with your foot steady on the gas pedal, you look down and notice your speedometer says 20 mph and apparently it only took you 60 seconds to loop all the way around the circle (for some reason you just keep driving around in circles). Calculate the magnitude of your average acceleration (
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