Biol+4301+Sp+2011+syllalbus+Ott - 1 Spring 2011 Evolution...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Spring 2011 Evolution Biology 4301 COURSE INFORMATION, OBJECTIVES, AND POLICIES Instructor of Record: Dr. Jim Ott E-mail: [email protected] phone Ph. 245-2321 Meeting time: Mon. and Wed. 5:00 - 6:20pm; Room 3241 RFM Office hours: M & W 8:00-9:00AM; and/or by arrangement; Office location: SUPP 332 Email account required : You will need a Texas State University email account for this class to maintain contact with other students, access TRACS and course content. NOTE: I will not answer emails that are not sent from a TX State email account. You are responsible for checking your e-mail and TRACS DAILY Required Textbooks: 1. Evolutionary Analysis (S. Freedman and J. Herron); Prentice Hall 1 st , 2 nd, 3 rd or 4 th editions. 2. Coyne, J. Why Evolution is True. Penquin. 3. Darwin, C. “1859. On the Origin of Species by means of natural selection……., 1 st edition. Spring 2011 General Calendar Please see Cats Web for all Univ. Rules & Policies regarding classes. Jan. 19 First meeting Feb. 2 12th class day: Drop with 100% refund March 24 Automatic “W” Deadline: Last day to DROP CLASS April 24 Withdrawal deadline (withdraw from ALL classes) ends at 5 pm May 2 Last class day May 4 Final Exam 5-7:30pm 3241 RFM Special Needs: Students with special needs (as documented by the Office of Disability Services: [email protected] ) should identify themselves at the beginning of the semester . COURSE DESCRIPTION: BIO 14301 is Evolution, a senior-level and Core-Curriculum course intended primarily for BIOLOGY MAJORS. The perquisite for this course is general genetics COMPLETED WITH A GRADE OF “C”or better . Knowledge of topics covered in genetics and introductory biology courses is assumed by the instructor when developing and presenting lectures. Biology 4301 is designed to provide students an opportunity to explore evolutionary biology. Because the course is conceptually based, and because grades are based on achievements rather than memorization, the course will present a significant challenge. In this challenge is the opportunity for academic growth: please accept it. Those students who adopt good study skills, who are motivated, and who engage with the material will be advantaged. This course is an introduction to the fields of Evolution, Evolutionary Genetics, and Evolutionary history. Students are responsible for understanding and being able to answer questions pertaining to all information presented in lecture and assigned readings. readings....
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Biol+4301+Sp+2011+syllalbus+Ott - 1 Spring 2011 Evolution...

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