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1 Schedule of Lectures and Exams Biology 4301 (Evolution) Spring 2011 J. R. Ott Jan 19 Introduction, Organization and diagnostic Exam 24 Teaching & learning about Evolution 26 Evolution: Fact and Theory 31 Evolution: Evidence and Process I Feb 2 Evolution: Evidence and Process II 7 Genetics Review 1 9 Genetics Review II 14 Mutation/Origin of Genetic Variation I 16 Mutation/Origin of Genetic Variation II 21 Maintenance and disposition of Genetic Variation in Populations 23 Deviations from Hardy Weinberg: Genetic Drift 28 ---------------Exam I --------------- March 2 Natural Selection I 7 Natural Selection II: One-locus models: Stabilizing Sel 9 Natural Selection III: Sel. in nature & Heterogeneous Environments
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Unformatted text preview: 14 SPRING BREAK 16 SPRING BREAK 21 Natural Selection IV Regression analysis of selection 23 Quantitative Gen. I, II Theory and practice 28 Quant. Gen. III. Response to selection & Correlated characters 30 Interaction of evolutionary forces I April 4 Interaction of evolutionary forces II. 6 Deviations from Hardy Weinberg: Inbreeding & Inbreeding depression 11 ---------------Exam II-------------- 13 Variation Among Populations & Reproductive Isolation 18 Speciation I Allopatric speciation and evidence 20 History of Life: (guest lecture) 25 Speciation II Sympatric & Ecological speciation 27 Speciation III. (Polyploidy) May 2 Course Summary & Evaluation (Last Class day) 4----------FINAL EXAM----------5-7:30pm...
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