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LO4 - World War I and its aftermath Failure of...

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INTB 3351 Lecture Outline The Disintegration of the First Global Economy 1. Destabilized Globalization in the Late 19 th Century - “Great Divergence” - Spread of Industrial Revolution - Erosion of British Hegemony - Imperialism - Restrictions on Immigration - Protectionism 2. The Beginning of the End - Revolts and conflict
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Unformatted text preview: - World War I and its aftermath - Failure of internationalism in the 1920s 4. Collapse of Global Economy- Economic imbalances - Financial shock - Gold Standard and Economic Collapse - Great Depression and Autarky Terms Overproduction McKinley Tariff Wilsonian Internationalism German Reparations “Beggar-Thy-Neighbor”...
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