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INTB 3351 Lecture Outline The Globalization of Oil, 1859-1945 1. Emergence of Oil as a Global Business - Rockefeller and Standard Oil - Dissolution of the Standard Oil Trust - International and domestic competitors - World War I 2. Competition for New Supplies in the 1920s - Rivalry between Standard Oil of NJ (Exxon) and Royal Dutch/Shell - New discoveries in Texas and California - Supply Glut - Overseas sources - Production incentives in United States
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Unformatted text preview: - Efforts to control international supply - East Texas Field 3. Crisis of the 1930s - Depression - Pro-rationing in United States - Ominous international signs 4. Oil and World War II - Japan and the Pacific theater - Germany and the European theater - The United States war machine Terms Baku Spindletop Marcus Samuel Seven Sisters Texas Railroad Commission Big Inch and Little Inch...
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