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INTB 3351 History of Globalization Lecture Outline Age of Financial Turbulence 1. Expansion of International Private Finance - Eurodollars and Eurocurrencies 2. Increased Global Capital Flows - collapse of BWS - petrodollar flows - financial innovation - capital market integration 3. Upward Redistribution of Income, 1979-2007 4. Unleashing of Debt 5. Financial Bubbles, 1981-2001 6. Financial Crisis of 2008
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Unformatted text preview: - Inside Job (2010)- Part I: How We Got Here- Part II: The Bubble, 2001-2007- Part III: The Crisis Terms Eurodollars The Big Bang (1986) Marquette National Bank vs. First of Omaha (1978) Inside Job (2010) Larry Summers Securitization Food Chain Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) Commodity Futures Modernization Act (2000) Goldman Sachs...
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