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1 Week 1 Study Guide Wednesday, 8/24 Introduction Reading : Rodrik, The Globalization Paradox, pp. ix-xxii 1. Rodrik seeks to provide an “alternative narrative” for globalization. What are the key elements of his narrative? What was wrong with the old narrative? What is Rodrik’s purpose in establishing a new narrative? Key Elements: Markets and governments are complements not substitutes If you want a more and better market, you have to have a more (and better) government. Markets work best where states are the strongest
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Unformatted text preview: What was wrong with the old?: According to Rodrik, these assertions made by the old narrative were NOT always correct: o Markets are efficient. o Self-regulation works best. o Financial innovation transfers risk to those best able to bear it. o Government intervention is ineffective and harmful. Purpose for establishing a new narrative: Convince reader by the end of the book that re-empowering national democracies will in fact place the world economy on a safer, healthier footing...
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