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COURSE SYLLABUS ***************************************************************************** * YEAR COURSE OFFERED: 2011 SEMESTER COURSE OFFERED: FALL DEPARTMENT: ACCOUNTANCY AND TAXATION COURSE NUMBER: ACCT 3367 NAME OF COURSE: INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING 1 NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Joe D. Seltz CPA / CIA Office: Melcher Hall 360-J E-Mail: [email protected] / Phone: 713-743-4887 ***************************************************************************** * The information contained in this class syllabus is subject to change without notice. Students are expected to be aware of any additional course policies presented by the instructor during the course . ***************************************************************************** * Learning Objectives Intermediate Accounting I reviews the conceptual framework and application of financial accounting (procedures, reporting and the evaluation of accounting principles); the accounting cycle; the basic financial statements; and time value of money concepts. The course serves to develop competence in the analysis of transactions and events, in terms of relevant accounting theory, and their effect on the financial statements. This is a “Coordinated Course” - so each semester’s instructors work collectively to establish a common syllabus; common exams, quizzes and assignments; common grading/curves and common class material for all classes/sections. Mission of the Department of Accountancy and Taxation Prepare accounting graduates for leadership roles in the accounting profession; Conduct research that advances the body of accounting knowledge, and inevitably has implications on accounting practice; Perform service that leads to the efficient and effective practice of accounting. Objectives of the Department of Accountancy and Taxation Prepare its undergraduate students for graduate education or productive careers by establishing the foundations for life-long learning; Prepare its master-level students for positions of leadership in the accounting profession; Prepare its doctoral students for successful careers in accounting education and research; Develop innovative and effective instructional methods that stimulate accounting learning; Provide significant intellectual contributions in basic and applied accounting scholarship; Page 1 of 7
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COURSE SYLLABUS Provide significant service and leadership to the accounting profession, the College of Business, the University, and to both professional and academic organizations. Major Assignments/Exams COURSE GRADING: Your grade will be determined as set forth below. Your grade in the class will be determined in the following manner: Class Project (FASC) 5% Quizzes 15% Midterm I 25% Midterm II 25% Final (Comprehensive) 30% Total 100% Letter grade assignment will be as follows : There will be NO extra credit or projects available to increase your final grade determination as set forth above. Final grades will be based on a University approved grading scale: 90=A,
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