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Drying of the West Page 4 - drier • Global warming will...

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Matt Deis Professor Johnson GEOG 152: Climate and Life Extra Credit “Drying of the West” Page 4 Cause of Medieval droughts still unknown Current Southwestern droughts follow the pattern of La Nina Historically, all Western droughts can be attributed to the climatic cooling of less than 1 degree Celsius due to La Nina Climate Theorist Issac Held: global warming seems almost certain to make dry lands
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Unformatted text preview: drier • Global warming will intensify normal climactic processes, making dry lands drier and wet lands wetter • Hadley cells play a huge role in the way Global warming affects these processes • Held’s model predicts Dust Bowl conditions is the Southwest by mid-century, La Ninas would still occur within their current intervals but they would occur over a much different landscape...
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