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Matt Deis Ms. Williams English 110, Section 105 18 November 2010 Tomboys and Tampax The best way to find true differences in target audience and purpose within different advertisements is to look at a group of ads that already have a large group for an intended target audience. Then, by narrowing the indicators down to point the out even smaller groups within the initial group, the purpose of the advertisement along with its specific intended audience become much more apparent. No initial target audience is more obvious for any type of corporation than a women’s hygiene company. They have a clear purpose and a clear group of people they are trying to reach out to. So, for my advertisements I chose to analyze two separate Tampax advertisements found in magazines. Both of these advertisements are obviously geared towards women who are still maintaining an active menstrual cycle, but it is interesting to see how such an obvious and large target audience can be even further divided in order to reach certain groups of women within the large master group of females. Tampax does a wonderful job of creating a wide array of advertisements aimed at attracting women of all backgrounds, interests and body types in order to ensure that they do not exclude any potential consumers. Although women’s hygiene products are considered a necessity, Tampax is not the only company that provides these types of products. Women are going to buy these products regardless, but if Tampax wants to get these women to buy their brand, they will continue to do what they are doing now and diversify their advertisements even further.
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The larger picture of the first Tampax advertisement in which I chose to analyze contains a woman in a pool who seems to have lost the top piece of her bathing suit. The bottom of the advertisement reads, “Embarrassment happens. Leaks shouldn’t,” right next to the text in the bottom right hand corner of the advertisement there is an image of a box of Tampax Pearl tampons. At first glance this advertisement may come across as nothing more than what can be taken from the text, which is, if you do not want to be embarrassed, buy this product and you will never have to feel the way the woman in this advertisement is feeling. Yet, there is much more to be said about the contents of the ad and the way it is presented to the viewer. There are two
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Advertisement Essay - Matt Deis Ms. Williams English 110,...

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