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Expectations - and I believe that this class is the perfect...

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1 Matt Deis Ms. Williams English 110, Section 105 September 3, 2010 Beginning with my introduction to persuasive writing and critical reading during my most recent years in high school, I have since then become extremely interested in the ability of a writer to successfully express his opinion in a persuasive manner, be it through a poem, essay or even newspaper article. During high school I took two collegiate level English courses through Syracuse University which broadened my analytical horizons greatly and allowed me to become as interested as I am today in the ability to respond to all of the different types of texts that surround our everyday lives. I have had some experience in persuasive writing and critical reading through those courses and my multiple years of involvement in my High School’s newspaper, “The Pirate Log,” in which I was lucky enough to eventually graduate as Editor in Chief of. Yet, I am still looking forward to expanding on the set of skills that I already possess,
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Unformatted text preview: and I believe that this class is the perfect place for me to do so. Through this class, I want to become more aware of a writer’s purpose in different areas of persuasive writing and eventually gain the skills and attributes of those writers in order to someday be able to create a text on my own that can persuade a reader without them even realizing that I have done so. I enjoy writing tremendously and I envy those who are able to do it better than myself, but I am not the type to accept my defeat as a less skilled writer, so when I come across a text and I am able to catch a few of the author’s tricks, I do my best to find out how they were able to do so in an attempt to eventually use those tricks for my own benefit. One can learn nothing without experience, and experience is exactly what I am looking for in this class....
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