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Matt Deis Ms. Williams English 110, Section 105 2 December 2010 Rauf’s Big Favor The events of September 11th, 2001 forever changed the way in which not only Americans, but citizens of free nations all around the world, viewed their safety. The attacks on the Twin Towers were a direct hit to America’s sense of security and they introduced an enemy to the American people that was not as easily categorized as, say, the Nazis in World War II or the British during the American Revolution. The death and destruction of that day was brought about by a certain radicalized sect of the Muslim religion that believed it was their religious duty to make themselves martyrs. The taking of the three thousand innocent lives that were lost during the attacks was the terrorists’ way of securing a place in a glorious afterlife that they believed was to be granted to them for their duties. Today, ten years after the attacks, American soldiers are still risking their lives every day to hunt down those responsible for the attacks. Americans here at home recognize the immense sacrifice that these soldiers are making every day to protect our freedom from overseas; therefore, citizens with all types of differing opinions are taking active roles in politics and current events in order to make their own voices heard at home. An American Muslim’s recent decision to build an Islamic multi-cultural center just three blocks away from Ground Zero has ignited the voices of those active citizens like never before. In a self-proclaimed attempt to create a peaceful union between the Muslim and non- Muslim communities in the United States, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is spearheading an initiative to construct an elaborate multi-operational Muslim community center in the heart of a city with
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scars so deep, it is a wonder if they will ever heal. This proposition has grown from a real-estate proposal to an international debate of constitutionality and ethics in a matter of months. This topic of discussion cannot be divided into two clear cut sides. There are angles at play within this issue that range from the Constitution, to finance, to public safety and everything in between. The parts of this discussion that can be legally settled and handled through a court system tend to drive the public’s viewpoint in the direction of a surrendering acceptance. In the minds of many, the proposal made by imam Rauf and his partner Sharif el-Gamal to build a building that offers so much potential for negative consequence is rationalized. The conclusion is made that because the law allows for the construction of this building, no matter how socially controversial it may be, the public should stand behind the initiative. Yet, if one were to look back on the history of our nation and implement this mindset into the thought processes of the revolutionaries who spilt their blood in the name of freedom, it is safe to say that the “America” we now know may have never been given the chance to exist. The social irresponsibility of the proposers, compacted with
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Research Paper - Matt Deis Ms. Williams English 110,...

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