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UDgame.net explanation - within the thought bubble refers...

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Matt Deis Ms. Williams English 110, Section 105 30 November 2010 Advertisement Explanation My advertisement is for a University of Delaware student created video game review website. The website entitled, “UDgame.net,” includes video game reviews, updates, game hints, top one hundred lists and much, much more. Being that the website’s immediate audience is the student body within the University of Delaware, I decided to comply with the aim of the site and have my target audience not just be University of Delaware students but college students in general. Besides the fact that people passing by this advertisement will be intrigued by the large random face taking up most of the space on the paper, there are other techniques at work that are taking part in the effectiveness of the ad. The angle of the person’s face in the shot projects a sense of personally deep, yet impulsive thought. Along with the image of the “thought bubble” it is now apparent that the person in the ad is debating something within his mind. The actual text
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Unformatted text preview: within the thought bubble refers to slang words used to describe two commonly played games in college dormitories. I decided to keep the same color for all of the text in the ad except for the text in the thought bubble to differentiate between what text belonged to the person in the ad and what did not. The actual title of the website is placed in the left center of the ad to make it appear as if the text is actually printed on the persons shirt. This text is also filled with white to have it stand out from the rest of the text in the ad. The text at the bottom of the ad that reads Website of Champions takes a more serious angle toward the website to ensure the websites respectability within the ad; it acts as a kind of ethos for the advertisement. Overall, people will be intrigued by the randomness of the person on the ad and further inspection will lead to the discovery of the actual website along with its purpose....
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UDgame.net explanation - within the thought bubble refers...

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