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Mosque - Matt Deis Ms Williams English 110 Section 105 12...

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Matt Deis Ms. Williams English 110, Section 105 12 October 2010 Rauf’s Big Favor The events of September 11 th , 2001 indefinitely changed the way in which not only Americans, but citizens of free nations all around the world viewed their safety. The attacks on the Twin Towers were a direct hit to America’s sense of security and they introduced an enemy to the American people that was not as easily categorized as say the Nazis in World War II or the British during the American Revolution. The death and destruction of that day was brought about by a certain radicalized sect of the Muslim religion who believed that it was their religious duty to make themselves martyrs and take the lives of the three thousand innocent people who were killed that day. As it turns out, the men who were directly involved in the attacks represented just a small portion of the growing groups of radicalized anti-American Muslims around the world. Today, ten years after the attacks, American soldiers are still risking their lives every day to hunt down those responsible for the attacks and to rid the world of those who intend to continue to disrupt the lives of free people all around the globe. Americans here at home recognize the immense sacrifice that these soldiers are making every day to protect our freedom from overseas; therefore, citizens with all types of differing opinions are taking active roles in politics and current events in order to make their voices heard at home. Most recently, there has been an intense amount of controversy regarding an American Muslim’s decision to build an Islamic multi-cultural center just three blocks away from Ground Zero. This proposition has grown from a real-estate proposal to an international debate of
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constitutionality and ethics in a matter of months. This topic of discussion cannot be divided into two clear cut sides. There are angles at play with this issue that range from the constitution, to finance, to public safety and everything in between. Much of the discussion has remained within the context of American citizens until very recently, but the issue has now become a topic of global discussion. My interest in the topic stems from both my father’s experiences as a New York Police Department Sargent who was present the day of the attacks and spent many hours afterwards working at Ground Zero, along with my brother’s decision to join the United States Marine Corps in lieu of the attacks of September 11 th . A combination of the extensively ambiguous and historical background of the issue compounded with my own personal connection left me wondering why someone would propose such a plan all the while knowing how extremely sensitive such an area is. I wondered if any other options for construction were discussed and if so, what conclusions were drawn that left this location to be the best option.
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