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Matt Deis Ms. Williams English 110, Section 105 13 October 2010 Research Paper Outline Throughout the research I conducted in order to complete essay number two, it became clear that the ways in which I would use my research sources would define the structure of my paper. I plan on introducing my subject in the introduction and explaining my own personal connection to the discussion. I will then begin my first body paragraph by laying the ground work for the discussion and giving sufficient background using my source from Forbes.com. I will also include my statistics source in the first body paragraph to help the reader gain a general view of the issue. My second body paragraph will focus on the political involvement within the issue. My source entitled, “Holy War Over Ground Zero”, will allow me to directly quote politicians such as President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg which will enable me to display the
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Unformatted text preview: stances of some of the most prominent political figures in the nation on the issue. My third body paragraph will go further in depth to the direct negative consequences of the construction of the mosque including, terrorist threats, harboring of radicals and the direct emotional effect on the people of both New York and America. My fourth body paragraph or conclusion will explain possible alternatives for the builders of the mosque by using my fifth and final source entitled, “A Muslim Group Quietly Prays Near Ground Zero.” I will explain how the construction of such a building overlooks the local Muslim community and how there are more effective options of creating bonds between the Muslim and non-Muslim community....
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