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Matt Deis 3/3/11 Philosophy 1. What is wrong with the “in-direct significance” view? jk 2. Rejection of speciesism Why would you distinguish between species?-to figure out which species can experience what amounts of pleasure and pain. If an animal is considered to be “just a mechanism” with no mental capacity, there is nothing wrong that can be done to it. 3. Principle of equal consideration of interests If the principle of human equality is based upon “the having of interests” then that principle extends beyond the human species (mammals, birds, most vertebrates). Consciousness is the necessary condition to feel pleasure and pain which also allows a subjective experience capability. 4. Interests, consciousness = subjective experience
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Unformatted text preview: • To be aware of the “red ball” also implies that you have an awareness of your awareness. 5. Consideration vs. Treatment • Jk 6. Choosing which animals to sacrifice • Jk 7. Moral status of species • The moral work is done at an individual level 8. Hunting, Predation, Pest species • Jk 9. “Right”? • The possession of a right is based upon the ability to have a subjective experience • Two different species can both have rights and still not have equal consideration based on their scale of interests. • Hierarchy of rights with different levels • The right to be counted vs. the right to have your life saved, all based on the amount of available resources-“the right to equal consideration”...
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