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Matt Deis 4/19/11 Philosophy Brian Barry- “Intergenerational Justice” Communitarianism : Ethical rights are only defined within particular communities; outside of these communities, those values make no sense. This philosophy denies the prospects of equality. Universalism : Things such as obligations, rights and values are universal; they are not bounded by communities (age, tribe, race…). Kantian and Utilitarian thinkers are Universalists. Ethical obligations are not bounded by space or time. What Do We Do About People Who Are Not Yet Alive? : Even though these people cannot lobby us, we still need to pay attention to their claims. “We don’t know what they want so, to hell with them.” How do we satisfy the wants of people who are not yet alive? Provide enough of “x” so that the wants of people in the future are satisfied to the same proportion of our wants now (one definition of sustainability) . Equal Opportunity
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