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Final Reflection Assignment - Matt Deis Doctor Carla...

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Matt Deis Doctor Carla Guerron-Montero First Year Experience 13 October 2010 Final Reflection Assignment Walking around campus today it is clear to me that my freshmen experience, thus far, has changed my perception of what it means to be a student at the University of Delaware since the days of my first campus tours. In fact, the most prevalent source of this change is the actual sight of prospective “Blue Hens” taking first tours of their own. I do realize I have only been a “Blue Hen” myself for about a month and a half, but in seeing these soon to be high school graduates traveling in their groups around campus, it is still so easy to bring myself back to that time of excitement, happiness, sadness and just overall confusion. I remember having a horrible feeling erupt in my stomach every time I thought about the reality of having to choose one place where I would spend the next four or so years of my life that was not my home. In my head, by making a decision and picking a school, I was cutting off an entire world of possibilities in all of my other options. The University of Delaware allowed me to make that decision, and still feel like I had all of the opportunities I could ask for. Whether it is in the literary work of author Tracy Kidder or in student formed community service groups, inspiration to transform from a simple student at the University of Delaware to an influential global citizen can be seen all around campus. Resources to help students make that transformation, such as the First Year Experience required reading, “My Freshmen Year”, written by Rebekah Nathan, seem to be endless which makes those opportunities that much easier to take advantage of. I still have a lot to learn, but I will only be
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able to continue growing as an individual if I learn how to use what I already know to my advantage. The process of advancing through the ranks throughout high school only to find oneself starting at the bottom of the heap again as a freshman in college offers a big hit to a student’s ego. After spending an entire year as part of the oldest, most experienced and hopefully most knowledgeable, group of students within a given area, it is a tough transition to make to come to college and truly realize that high school graduation was far from the end of one’s own personal growth. In high school, most students take their education for granted. They realize that going to
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Final Reflection Assignment - Matt Deis Doctor Carla...

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