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4-4-11 Notes - way but because of damage to the brain...

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Matt Deis 4/4/11 Anthropology Why Are Some Humans Violent? 1. It is part of human nature; it is adaptive and has helped us survive. It is a genetic in heritance populated throughout the entire human species 2. #1 is wrong. Culture can promote and encourage violence. Culture can also promote and encourage the reduction of violence. 3. Individuals may be prone to violence not because of their culture (except in an indirect
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Unformatted text preview: way), but because of damage to the brain during gestation (from conception to birth) and the first two years of life. Ghosts from the Nursery Boulders and Lakes • Resilience = Lake, pools of resilience, range from large to small • Bad Things that happen = Boulders, how many boulders can you throw into a lake without it overflowing...
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