HW Assignment # 2 - Matt Deis Katherine Dettwyler...

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Matt Deis Katherine Dettwyler Anthropology and Human Nature 205-010 20 April 2011 Homework Assignment # 2 The common belief that violence is in fact a part of human nature is one that has been contested and disputed in many different areas of both biological and social sciences. After years of research and development, many scientists and anthropologists alike can now make the case that overtime cultural influences, rather than human nature, have been the leading factors in the increase of violence we see in human society today. In the articles published on MSNBC.com and Opposingveiws.com both current events and research are brought together to highlight the negative effects a distorted athletic community can have on its participants. These effects are proven to differ between gender and race but all seem to delegate an inherent influence on all parties involved. The two articles combined are able to show that it is the culture and community surrounding a particular sport that has the power to influence its participants rather than the sport itself, and more often than not, these communities turn a blind eye to the unhealthy and often dangerous lifestyles their athletes participate in. The article published on opposingveiws.com entitled, “Lacrosse Produces Entitled
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HW Assignment # 2 - Matt Deis Katherine Dettwyler...

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