HW Assignment # 5 - Matt Deis Doctor Katherine Dettwyler...

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Matt Deis Doctor Katherine Dettwyler Anthropology 205: Anthropology and Human Nature 27 April 2011 Homework Option # 5 Often times the easiest solution for finding an answer to the question of why a person would act more violently under the influence of alcohol is simply to blame the entire occurrence on the alcohol itself. Yes, it is proven that alcohol can have a direct effect on the human brain resulting in increasingly violent behavior, but it can also be said that not every individual who consumes alcohol is automatically going to take part in excessively violent behavior. From the information provided from the Alcohol Alert issued by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), it has become clear that there are a multitude of combined factors that lead to the expression of violence in individuals who are under the influence of alcohol. Such factors may include and are not limited to, genetic pre-dispositions, cultural and environmental factors and even chemical imbalances within the human brain. To begin with the most critical component of alcohol’s relationship to violence,
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HW Assignment # 5 - Matt Deis Doctor Katherine Dettwyler...

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