HW Assignment # 8 - Matt Deis Doctor Katherine Dettwyler...

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Matt Deis Doctor Katherine Dettwyler ANTH 205: Anthropology and Human Nature 6 May 2011 Homework Assignment #8 Hello again John, I can understand why you would be confused as to why exactly it would be inherent within human nature for a human to not be welcoming to another individual. Indeed, we would all like to believe that there is peace within us all and that the genetic and behavioral traits passed down to us by preceding generations would not contribute to unnecessary violence within our species. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and through various forms of documentation and extensive research it has become quite clear that escalated rates in child abuse and violence can be directly related to non-genetic parental relationships. The clear difference in the number of cases involving child abuse and violence between genetically related parent-child relationships and non-genetically related parent-child relationships has quickly become the “red flag” that has warranted this extensive research. In our attempts to find the answer to “why” this is so, we have been brought back to the roots of human development in the form of natural selection. To first give a context for my application of the term “natural selection”, I will explain non-genetic parental relationships in the wild involving non-human beings. The reason why care-
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HW Assignment # 8 - Matt Deis Doctor Katherine Dettwyler...

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