How to Read - How to Develop College Level Reading Skills*...

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How to Develop College Level Reading Skills* College students are expected to read actively and critically. This means more than passing the words in front of your eyes while you are half-asleep, or listening to music, or talking to your friends, or eating, or all of the above. It also means more than simply finishing the assigned number of pages: you will be expected to retain information about and be ready to respond to the complexity of the works you encounter. The following suggestions will help you actively read any text. Active reading is also integral to effective writing. As you read, use some of the following suggested techniques to summarize, process, contemplate, question, critique, and more fully engage with the book, chapter, or article. The skills outlined below will be a crucial component of your studies throughout your college career. You should keep this reading guide as a tool for future reference. Before You Read Before we even begin to read, we begin to form assumptions that shape our reading. Expert readers recognize that books are judged, in some way, by their cover. Use the following questions to help you think about your 'pre-judgments.' What does the title evoke? What does it tell you about the reading; what does it suggest? How does the cover (the photo, the layout and design, the writing on front and back) affect your expectations for the book? Have you heard anything about this book or its author before? What does the cover tell you about the author? When was the book published? Is this the first edition, an updated and revised edition, or the 12 th edition? Is the publisher an academic press such as the University of California Press or Oxford University Press? What does the book's formatting (its chapter structure, notes, preface, glossary, bibliography, etc.) indicate about the text? Do any sections invite you to read them rather than starting at page one? Why? How does the fact that the book has been assigned for critical study (rather than
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How to Read - How to Develop College Level Reading Skills*...

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