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Ethics What should be reported? Reporter Ted Cohen found court documents showing that George W. Bush was convicted of drunk driving in his 30s Laura Bush ran stop sign--killed a 17 year-old boy— Time magazine reported this Should media report these stories? Fabrication 1981 Janet Cooke’s story on 8 year-old “Jimmy,” addicted to heroin Secretly Recording Phone Calls Arthur Teele, former County Commissioner of Miami, called Jim DeFede to say that another newspaper had outed him for hiring a transvestite prostitute DeFede recorded phone call Teele shot himself in the head DeFede published front-page story about Teele’s suicide in Miami Herald But it is illegal to record a phone call without consent in Florida (all-party consent state) Miami Herald fired Jim DeFede Question: Was it unethical for DeFede to record his phone conversation with Teele? Plagiarism Romance writer Janet Dailey plagiarized from romance writer Nora Roberts in Dailey’s book
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Unformatted text preview: Notorious HarperCollins withdrew Notorious —shredded it University of Delaware (April 23, 2011) The Review’s editor-in-chief Josh Shannon wrote a story about a federal investigation into why UD has cut men’s track team—posted online The Philadelphia Inquirer plagiarized Josh Shannon’s story! (See Review 4-26-2011 p. 15) When should a photographer intervene? Oregon Journal photographer William Murphy saw a man standing on a bridge 100 feet over Columbia; man’s wife was trying to stop him from jumping—what should Murphy do? WHMA-TV, Jacksonville, Alabama Received 4 phone calls from man who said he would set himself on fire in town square Should the news director send a cameraman? WHMA sent a cameraman; the man doused himself with gasoline and lit match Cameraperson filmed the man burning College intern ran to beat out the flames with a tiny reporter’s notebook 1987 Bud Dwyer...
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Comm245EthicsLectureNotes - Notorious HarperCollins...

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