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Ethics What should be reported? Reporter Ted Cohen found court documents showing that George W. Bush was convicted of drunk driving in his 30s Laura Bush ran stop sign--killed a 17 year-old boy— Time magazine reported this Should media report these stories? Fabrication 1981 Janet Cooke’s story on 8 year-old “Jimmy,” addicted to heroin Reporter’s Privilege: the right of the reporter not to give up their source if they promised not to reveal it. Pulitzer Prize: the highest honor that any journalist can ever receive Secretly Recording Phone Calls Arthur Teele, former County Commissioner of Miami, called Jim DeFede to say that another newspaper had outed him for hiring a transvestite prostitute DeFede recorded phone call Teele shot himself in the head DeFede published front-page story about Teele’s suicide in Miami Herald But it is illegal to record a phone call without consent in Florida (all-party consent state) Miami Herald fired Jim DeFede Question: Was it unethical for DeFede to record
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Comm245EthicsLectureNotes[1] - Ethics What should be...

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