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Little Foxes - Matt Deis Jewel Walker THEA 226-012 24...

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Matt Deis Jewel Walker THEA 226-012 24 October 2011 “The Little Foxes” Review My participation in the function of a play while attending the theatre as a member of the audience has grown substantially in the last year. By becoming involved in the University of Delaware’s Resident Ensemble Players I was given the opportunity to witness and be part of the construction of a play in all of its stages, beginning with the first reading of the script and ending with closing night. Further, our closer examination of the importance of movement on the stage in the Fundamentals of Acting course has allowed me to recognize all of the different and essential relationships between movement and speech as well as how they affect the progress of a performance. While watching “The Little Foxes” I was able to recognize and interpret different messages relayed by the actors and actresses on stage that were previously hidden from my untrained mind. The experience of attending the theatre has been greatly improved for me
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