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Matt Deis Professor Kolchin History 205 16 March 2011 Mini Paper Assignment The government established under the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787 was one of both separation and inclusion, all in favor of keeping an equal balance between the powers of the elect and the influence of the citizenry in which the elect held power over. There are clear distinctions made between the responsibilities of the different groups of elected officials within the government, all containing separate clauses allowing for the use of checks and balances. Yet in many ways this form of constitutional government also allowed these groups to work together in order to form this “Supreme Law of the Land” that is embodied within the United States Constitution (U.S. Constitution, Article 6). Regardless of whatever boundaries of power that were established, it is quite evident that this type of constitutional government created a system in which all governmental power shared the same basic origin. This origin was found within the people of the United States. The most structurally important aspect, in regards to the construction of the constitutional government, is addressed in the first article of the document. The creation of a bi-cameral legislature containing both a Senate and a House of Representatives, by itself, offered a previously un-experienced wide range of opportunity for political, social and even economic justice for the citizens of America. No longer would all governmental power be held within the confines of a single group of appointed officials. Together, these two groups of elected officials would form the branch of governmental power known as Congress. Both of these groups were
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Mini-Paper - Matt Deis Professor Kolchin History 205 16...

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